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Retirement Living in West Seattle

Intro to Senior Living

If you're  curious about retirement communities you've come to the right place. When ooking for a new senior retirement community your new home is not just a place to live, it's a whole new lifestyle! Most communities have several levels of care, so no matter where you are in life you can enjoy it to the fullest. Whether you're fully independent or need a bit of help we understand. We're also a great solution if you're recuperating from an operation or illness and need some extra care while you heal. 

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Here at Daystar Retirement Community, we understand the importance of living a full life, and that's why we focus on all aspects of healthy living. There are all sorts of activities to enjoy as well as a wide variety of fitness programs to keep you in your best shape. Our dining room offers a full selection of menu offerings at every meal, and because we have a dietitian on site you can be sure they'll work with your primary care provider if you have any special diet requirements.

On this page, we go through all the different types of care, amenities, and activities associated with senior living communities. Please click on one of the below items to be skip to 

Independent Living

Assisted Living




Independent Living

Choosing the right level of lifestyle can be confusing when you're looking at retirement options and Daystar wants to help you get a better understanding of the differences. At Daystar Retirement Village we offer several levels of caregiving, starting with independent living.

If you're living independently now and just want to downsize this may be your best choice. An independent living apartment usually means you won't have to worry about painting the house or cutting the grass because it's all part of the maintenance included in your monthly rent. You'll be free to cook your own meals or enjoy the dining room, and all the other activities with others in the community. Your rent will cover most of your utilities and you won't have to worry about property taxes, emergency repairs, or landscaping because it's all included. The staff can provide wellness checks to make sure you're all right if wanted, but other than that you're on your own.

Independent living at most retirement communities is designed to keep you living as you always have, but adding fun activities and new friends awaiting.  If independent living is something you've been thinking about, but unsure about the details, here is a page full of information about Independent Living. 

Assisted Living

Assisted living is the next level of care to help with daily tasks that you may have trouble with now. As the name implies, it's all about helping you when you need some assistance. If you need help with daily tasks such as bathing, grooming, or dressing then this may be the perfect choice. You'll still enjoy the freedom of being self-sufficient, but there will be a hand to help with certain things you may have trouble doing. Medication management is a perfect example: if you find yourself sometimes forgetting to take your pills, you won't have to worry about it when you're in assisted living. All your meals are included, and your monthly rent covers most items. Your housekeeping will be done every week and a daily light cleaning is included, too.

Most assited living communities include 24 hours service. You'll never have to worry about being alone if you have a medical emergency. At Daystar, we also takes care of transportation to appointments as well as scheduled trips to West Seattle, Burien, downtown Seattle, and local churches, so you'll be able to go wherever you choose. Of course you'll also be free to enjoy all the activities and other amenities Daystar Retirement Village has to offer!

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Respite Care

Respite care is designed to be short-term and is basically assisted living for a set duration. If your primary caregiver is injured or planning a vacation you might consider respite care, as you can enjoy all the benefits of assisted living without a long-term contract. Likewise, if you're injured in a fall or need extra care while recovering from surgery respite care is the perfect solution. Our dedicated staff will make sure you never miss your medications and appointments, and because we have a physical therapist on staff you'll find recovery to be less stressful.

While accidents are never planned, vacations are and surgery often is. If you have a planned schedule disruption in your caregiving future give us a call today and see if Daystar is the solution to your short-term care needs.

Learn more on Respite Care


There are a ton of activities that you can enjoy as a senior. This time of your life can be one of the best times because you're finally free of the daily work grind and can enjoy the thigns you truly enjoy.  Here are a few activities you can enjoy: art, crafts, knitting, bible study, games, and movies. For those who are a little more active, there are Dances, sing-alongs,traveling, trips to local attractions and events

One of the best things about retirement communities, is they offer a ton of activities for you. All the planning is done for you and you get to enjoy all the activities with friends and guests coming to see you. At Daystar, we keep the calendar full with activities so you have a choice of which seem more interesting to you.

See a whole list of Senior Activities



Staying fit is crucial to staying healthy and there are numerous choices to help you. In the West Seattle area, there are beautiful parks with walking trails.  You can try different classes such as yoga, tai- chi, zumba,  and swimming. If you are looking for something a little more simple to get you started, look for chair exercise classes in your local area.

A big part of staying fit is socializing, you'll find it much easier to get out and about if you join a walking club or partner up with a friend when you start a new class. It will help you stay motivated to attend and see your friend while you are there to catch up while you move  your body. Retirement communities can really help you foster these routines with friends as most offer various classes for different levels of needs.

A list of other Senior Fitness Ideas


Some of the best perks of moving into a retirement community is the amenities that come along with it. Although our features are too many to list, at Daystar you can rest assured because we have 24 hour security cameras at the front entrance. Our parking areas are well-lit and easily accessed, and there's plenty of parking for your guests, too. Our park-like setting has walking paths and gardens and there's an atrium to enjoy all year round. When you make your appointment to tour our community make sure to plan enough time to soak it all in. There's a lot to see and do at Daystar Retirement Village, even if you're just visiting!

At Daystar, we have an in-house beauty salon and barbershop with manicures and pedicures, a pool table room, and a library. As an extra bonus there's a shopping center right across the street! See more about our amenities.


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