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Here is what our Residents are saying...

Resident Testimonials

“It is so comforting to have a place to study in quiet without distractions! And I can go  to the onsite Christian Science Study Room for literature I may not have and to Christian Science meetings provided for thought-provoking ideas. Also transportation to Church is lovingly provided by Daystar."

"Computers are provided for use by all residents, and with internet access to news outlets (including The Christian Science Monitor) for moment-to-moment and in-depth news. “

“My apartment is totally self-contained – even to the washer/dryer! And there is a convenient mall right across the street with most of the things one might need; or one can get on the Daystar van to the many outlying stores; also to places of enjoyment like: -the beach on the Puget Sound, -eateries, etc. The meals at Daystar are varied and tasty!”

 “It goes without saying that I enjoy the van ride to the Church Services as I've gone to church my whole life.”

“I'm so grateful to be at Daystar. It gets me out with other people that think like I do, instead of sitting in my room. I appreciate the Town Hall and Activity meetings. Daystar has accommodated us by taking us to the Bellevue 1st Church Hymn Sing and Sunrise Haven Meeting. Daystar provides activities that I want to share with friends because I know they will enjoy them as I do. Many of my friends have said that they have enjoyed being involved with activities such as the Mother Church Annual Meeting viewed live on the big screen.”

 “I find the daily Bible Lesson readings and also the Mother Church live Web Chats and Wednesday Live Web Testimony Meetings meaningful.”

“I like the way activities at Daystar has broadened my horizons by becoming more aware of the greater world out there and immediate local community, which is Daystar. We do focused prayer about the needs at Daystar and beyond. We sometimes don't know how isolated one can become living on our own. I've enjoyed the art talks on the renaissance and water color painting.”

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"I hope you know how
much Dad appreciates
the excellent care
he receives from you!"

—Peggy Jamerson, Resident Family Member

"Hey, this is a nice place! It's so
clean! My dad is starting to get
forgetful. It would be great if he
could live here."

—Visiting EMT

"Please express to the staff
how appreciative my mother is
of all the staff, and the help
they provide to her. She wouldn't
get along nearly as well
without the caring
and concern of the Daystar

Jason Hart, Resident's Son

I'm so grateful to be at
Daystar, it gets me out
with other people that think
like I do, instead of
sitting in my room.

- Betty, Daystar Resident

"Wow! What a lovely place!
It's so homey and you can
tell people are loved and
cared for here."

—Brenda Oliver, Visiting RN

"She has received such kindness
and so much attention from
everyone that we know without a
doubt that she is safe and well
cared for. We have great trust in
everyone at Daystar and could not
wish for a better place for our
mother. Thank you and thank you
to all concerned."

— Chad Baker, Resident's Son

"Mom is very happy with her
new apartment and the services
she is receiving. Thank you
all for helping us in
this transition."

— Peter Miller, Resident's Son

The thing I like most about
living here is the many
pleasant and smiling faces
that I love!

- Barbara, Daystar Resident

I like the daily Bible Lesson
readings and also the
Mother Church live
web chats and Wednesday
Testimony Meetings

- Pat, Daystar Resident

What could be better?
Daystar is friendly and
homelike, we can do laundry
in our own apartment,
there is shopping across
the street, and there are
good neighbors!

- Helen, Daystar Resident

The staff is very caring
and responds quickly
and efficiently.

- Sharon, Daystar Resident

I want to let you know
about an exceptional employee
here - Vanessa. She is always so
helpful, friendly, concerned,
compentent and a wonderful
caregiver! I always feel reassured
that whatever comes up, she'll
be able to handle everything.

—Audrey -Daystar Resident

It is always a pleasure to send
families your way!

- Colleen Hughes-Craft
A Place For Mom